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Wish I Could Short MitoPharm (MTPM) at Trader’s Narrative

Wish I Could Short MitoPharm (MTPM)

For the past few days I’ve noticed that someone has bought a slug of ads targeting my blog’s audience through Google Adsense’s site targeting feature. After seeing the same ad over and over again I got curious and being careful to not click my own ads, I instead typed in their URL in my browser.

I don’t want to give them more attention than they deserve so I won’t mention the site’s name or address. But it was a website that was touting a single stock on the pink sheets: MitoPharm (MTPM) as the best thing since sliced bread.

The company seems to be about some new concoction that is supposed to make you younger and give you more stamina. Yeah, ok. The company’s site talks about “mitochondrial decay” and “ATP-dependent cellular operations” which makes about as much sense to me as the current US administration.

So I asked a friend who does know a thing or two about biochem and her verdict was thumbs down. What a shocker, eh? She didn’t think much of their claims made much sense. Including this one: “The maintenance of youthful mitochondrial functions, therefore, is imperative to retarding the aging process” According to her the “therefore” is completely out of place.

Now I feel used. Like a latex glove after a proctology exam. I mean, look at this chart:

mitopharm mtpm.png

I can’t help but feel dirty at the thought that my blog was used as a means to pump up this pink sheets penny stock. I’m thinking of shutting down the site targeting feature of Adsense or atleast being more vigilant about what kinds of ads show up.

I know the promoters behind this use many different channels and ways to get unsuspecting people to buy their stock but still, I just feel… you know, dirty.

And since it is on the pink sheets, you can’t short it. Which is probably why it runs up like crazy in the first place. Ugh.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go scrub myself under scalding water with a brillo pad for the next hour or so.

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106 Responses to “Wish I Could Short MitoPharm (MTPM)”  

  1. 1 Tom

    Why not get rid of your ads all together? :)

  2. 2 Babak

    Tom, I’ve thought about it. A few reasons, among them I quote Gordon Gekko: “Greed, for lack of a better word, is…”

    But I’m working on an alternative of sorts. More on this later.

  3. 3 SnowCoot

    Greed isn’t always a bad thing. We just need to realize how greed motivates us and skews our decisions sometimes. I read the hype article you refer to (I think) and began to track MTPM before I stumbled upon your enlightening blog. I’m glad I did both. Great learning experience. I’ll be checking back, thanks
    Doug B

  4. 4 Babak

    glad you found it useful. These sort of schemes prey on the ignorance of the masses. As GI Joe says, knowing is half the battle!
    thanks for the compliment :-)

  5. 5 M.J.

    Did you say ignorance Babak? Mitopharm Corp. is up 14% today. I’m glad I made the decision to invest in Mitopharm. Asking a “friend” who “Knows a thing or two about biochem” does not meet my credential requirements to prove that the 50 scientist in Honkong that conduct research for MTPM are wrong. Working for Coca-Cola, I have a clear vision of what lies ahead for the beverage industry. I rarely invest in stocks below $2.00 however I have done extensive research on Mitopharm which made me a strong believer. Stop writing ignorant reports and get with the program dumb ass. BOOOYAAAA!

  6. 6 M.J.

    Please pardon the vulgar language.

  7. 7 Fart Smeller

    As far as Google ads on blogs, the advice I have taken to heart is that, until there are around a thousand daily unique visitors, hold off on ads. At that point, who cares if touchy people get miffed about ads on a page you’re paying the bills on and spending your time authoring and publishing?

    As far as MTPM, I fell for it. I also just got out of it in a week with a 3 day, 10% net gain right after reading your blog, so you’ve made up for that dirty feeling in my book anyway… unless it jumps up to $2 that is! ;-)

  8. 8 Veltrend

    Thanks for the insight and honesty

  9. 9 mastermerlin

    Well the stock has gone up over $2.00. ( It is back dowm to $$180 at the moment). Any comments now Fartsmeller? I certainly fall into line with M.J.’s perspective.

  10. 10 Disruptor

    Because a stock is traded on the pinksheets does not mean its a bad company or product.

    The fact that there are well-run and profitable companies listed there, often trading at large discounts to exchange-listed rivals. There are solid community banks that already follow stringent federal reporting requirements, large overseas companies like Nestlé and Wal-Mart de México that are comfortable with just being listed on their home exchanges, and promising small companies with real revenues that can’t justify the regulatory costs of listing on a true exchange.

    There are many companies here that are as legitimate as they can be, for instance, that the 99-year-old maker of the Etch A Sketch, the Ohio Art Co., trades on the Pink Sheets. “You can sometimes find these companies trading at much more attractive valuations. MitoPharm has the University of Hong Kong Science and Technology - Dr. Robert Ko with hundreds of research reports as orginal co-founders. Newsweek addressed Mitocandrial decay in an article titled Back from the Dead just a few months ago. These small cap companies do not have a advertisinfg or marketing budget as a coca cola or pepsi… so using the internet to gain exposure is that really a bad thing? your doing it…. the new PR is viral marketing.

  11. 11 Fart Smeller

    I definitely wish I had stayed in a bit longer. I have another “Pinks Sheets” stock that has dropped over a thousand percent and isn’t moving. There is another that I have gotten in and out of more than once, always with profit.

    With these, it’s best to get in and out quickly in most cases.

  12. 12 Steve basil

    ish I would have seen these entries earlier. I did reserach on it, too, and bought close to 2k shares at $ 1.85. In your opinion, is it time to get out or, at this point, stay in and hope it goes upward?

  13. 13 Steve Basil

    I don’t believe my first post went through so I’m sending a second. I bought into the hype and bought at $ 1.85. In your opinion, should I get out now before it falls even further, or, is there any ray of hope here?

  14. 14 Babak

    Steve, I think your first comment came through. In any case, I can’t give you investment advice or tell you what to do with your shares. All I can say is I tried to warn people ahead of time with this post.

  15. 15 A.D.BAUCOM


  16. 16 lilygrac

    Like Adbaucom,If anyone can clear the air here. i recently seen on a website,but cannot find it now where radams of investors who is involved with Mito-wrote a blog reaponse saying that it was in production and should be in stores in sept, this was in august I believe ,r july. it was on a stockwatch blog and have not been able to find it.with that,invested more. I am new to self investing,thought this product sounded really good. read about it in pennystocks. I am sad to say I purchased a l,ooo shares at 2.05,then200at 1.68,and 50 at 1.31. continued to get stupid and bought 1,ooo shares at 26 cents, and then l050 at 25 cents. with it being at 4 to5 for several days, I have at least 3200 gone. I Do not have alot of money and to lose this have been painful learning experience. Can this co be for real?thought it was. why does it keep get cleaned off , with a few penny gain??mito was what led me to start trading with well known broker. I feel dupped right now. felt the conference call really did not tell u any more than what was already known,Looking for a positive ray of hope to hang on and blieve that I will at least see my money come back.I can’t believe I could be soooo wrong about his stock.

  17. 17 A.D.BAUCOM


  18. 18 A.D.BAUCOM


  19. 19 peggy

    I think also that mitipharm{mtpm] owes their shareholders proof. noticed they did not mention the manufacturers name who is doing first production. I wish I could find that web page that had radams blogging on there,{he represents this co here as advertising I have come to believe. He has not responded to my email in regards to what is happening to this stock.]on investopedia, it talks of pink sheets the pump and dump. also noted there is somewhere u can go if u suspect fraud. I think on stock watch there is a blog on mito-u have to become a member.thinking of doing that.I believed all the hpe= did not jump in right away ,got caught up when it sold at 2.05-minutes later it dropped like 20 cents and continued to drop. as of today, I am out 3300.00.Feeling a sick,sick feeling over it all, and what a tough painful lesson. the brokerage who I am self investing with, said they never seen anything like this before,at least the person I talked with. don;t know what to think. I keep looking for something to cling onto in faith that this will come to the shelves in the market soon. It shoud be a good product,if it is what they say it is. thought the conference call was very sketchy-circle talking.

  20. 20 Damar

    Here’s an Email Address for Robert Adams, (Corp PR Consultant for Mitopharm)… radams, then the “at” symbol, and I also have a Houston phone number for him, but doubt I should put it on this venue.

    I have been intending to buy into the stock but it keeps going dowwwwnnnner and dowwwwner, until it begins to look like a couple of other “good ideas” I bought into. (Don’t need any more tax writeoffs !)

    Later ~ DM.

  21. 21 Stephen. H

    Hey guys, I too got ripped off big time with MitoPharms. I recenlty purchese 31,000 plus shares between 0.04- 0.025. I read all the infor about it, thought it would be a great investment. Now today 11/15/07 I found out that they have chnaged their symbol MTPH and they had a stock split. Where 1:500 shares. So fro every 500 shares I have purchased I got one share. I was upset to say the least. I have lost over 1,200.00 from this scheme. I called Robert Adams Investor Development Group, Inc. 713-401-9333 Phone, 713-885-1918 Mobile. He said he did not know anything about it. He told me he was going to check into it and get back to me. I have not heard from him since.

    God don’t like ugly, what goes around comes around. This is a prinicple that Mitopharm and all these scams out there would have to deal with. I may get my attorney on this and file suit against them.

    I have the means to take them down if I wanted to. They need integrity in their business practises. Please fell free to comment to my comments


  22. 22 Babak

    If you have the means, then by all means go for it ;-)

  23. 23 peggy

    I too lost big time to the tune of 3,601,bought 2700 shares between 2.05-1.68-1.31-.25-.26..last 2 buys were when Radams said it would go up to 1.50 in few weeks. that was after notice of start of production. I kept hoping that it would take off after in stores.Was in shock of it all yesterday-did not understand what was going on. new to investing on my seems sometimes co do this -change sx when they may be in the throws of being delisted.when they fall short of requirements and rules. went to investopedia to try to understand what happened. I even tried to sell the few shares that were split to make it a tax write off and could not cause shares were not sent over to brokage. I am in disbelief of this all and wonder if there is a way of class action suit? i know there is an address on investopedia where u can write if u suspect fraud. I know there was a blog, I seen in july I believe, where Radams replied that mito was in production and would be distributed I believe sept.I know Bakak was a blogger on there also. Have tried to recover it,but unable. I feel at this time that false info may have been given.With the list of many chinese drs and the china univerisity suppose to be a part of this, how did this happen.I seen this co in penny sleuth, and thought about it for a long time and watched it go up.did not know about self trading,but got involved because of this stock. 2 seconds after I made first purchase of 1,000 shares for 2.05 it went down and the rest is history.I do not have alot of means, and I am in dispair of it all.I have emailed Radams on several occasions with questions and comments- not to get a response. If anyone can offer support or advice here. stephen I among many others i am sure know how u feel. where do we go from here??? I feel raped. I have the conference call on my puter from oct 5th.

  24. 24 LEE BROOKS

    i too got raped,went to bed with 37,400 shares and woke up with 74.8,is this legal what they did?it looks like they just stole our money.if anyone knows who to contact about this please let me know

  25. 25 Stephen

    Hey guys, I’m going to call my attorney today. I will post whatever advice I receive from them in regards to this situation. I am an advocate for integrity. I believe integrity is the key to all blessings. When people do not walk in integrity others that put their trust in them do get hurt. Even though I am a bit discourage about the whole thing. I got up this morning and began to thank God for life, health, strength, my family and most of all, for another day.

    Money can always be replace, but your life or the life of a love one cannot. So right now we all need to be thankful that we are alive and more so, that have we gained some wisdom out of this. Having said that, I will get back to you guys when I speak to my attorney.


  26. 26 Brenda

    Steven, I suspected something was going on 2 months ago and called investor relations 3 times and never got a call back or an email. I find it very interesting that investor relations new nothing about this on the 15th. The evening of the 14th I was showing the stock hit $10 on Scottrade and today the 16th my 5700 shares (now 11) are worth .35. I travel to Seattle on 11/27 and I am going to visit Mitopharm and see what I can find out at the front desk. I am in new product development - an inventor and thought this was a great stock to compete in the beverage market for the babyboomers. If things do not turn in some positive direction in the next 2 weeks. I am happy to join a class action suit. My prosecuting fight will be lack of providing fair and accurate information to the public in a timely manner. Mr. Robert Adams purposely kept information from the investors. Very similar to Enron. He has been NEGLIGENT in his duties. Please contact me if you plan to move foward at I’ll contact you at this blog if I plan to take action.

  27. 27 Damar


    Here’s a tip for all you people who think the writers of those “hot tip” email sheets. Take a good look at the companies they promote. If you think it’s a good company with a good product or idea, just wait a week or so. In almost every case, the suggested stock will loose a large percentage of its value, very quickly. After that happens, if you still like the company, invest in it “after the fall”. pay attention, for a few weeks, at these suggestions by these -so-called “experts”.

    And wonder about this… If you’re doing successful trading, so much, when do you have time to write a daily news letter, and research all those ideas for your readers ? Looks to me like anyone and everyone who can’t make a wise stock buy becomes a “penny stock guru”, and tries to sell his “expert suggestions” to the new and gullible. If their “teaser stocks” aren’t worth a damn, what makes you think the “secrets” they will divulge to their paid suckers (Ooops, I meant subscribers, probably.) The tearser, after all are meant to make you think they’re good at their predictions. NOT !!!!!!!

    ~Damar Minyak

  28. 28 Stephen

    Hi Brenda this is Stephen, I just read about your situation as well with Mito Phram. I did call my attorney and he said he is going to speak with a securities attorney and get back to me in 2-3 business days. I spoke with Robert Adams on Thursday morning and he said he did not know anything about the change.

    He said some of the members of the company were in Hong Kong so he would have to try and reach them before getting back to me. It’s been a couple of days and I have not heard from anyone. I called Mito Pharm myself and they did not respond. It is so sad that honest people have to be victims of these unethical kind of people. Anyway, let me know what you come up with. I am working diligently on my end.


  29. 29 peggy

    Stephen, I wrote my first blog here under the fake name of lilygrac. have been in such a state with the workings of this stock.Like u, integrity is a vital key to who we are for me.Am so glad to have found this blog to post my sentiments. It has been overwhelming and frustrating. The person at the brokerage that i trade on, told me one time that they never seen a stock do like this,some very smart takers have sure worked it. I followed this stock for awhile before i sunk money into it.I feel like such a fool. I know there was a blog where Robert adams had replied in july and giving apparently false info such as distribution being set up and to be in stores in sept.I have tried to find that blog. that is how I came accross this one. Bakak was also a responder on that blog. the info on there caused me to invest more. I have emailed as I said to Robert Adams on several occ, asking him what was going on. tried to call a number listed on their website with no answer also. with what they have done to the stock now with reverse split, it is impossible to gain back any investment without investing more.I had 8,000 shares,then to go to 16. $3,601 is gone and it has been emotionally painful,not to mention the financial loss. Iam so glad that U and Brenda and others are aboard here. I didn’t know where to turn to find answers. As I said in previous replys, I am new to trading, and Oh my what a lesson I have learned! had to go to investopedia to try and figure out what happened in light of the split and symbol change. U have a good attitude,it made me take time and list all the things I have to be thankful for and to not let this apparent steal rob me of another day of believing. appreciate all that u are doing to try and shed some light our way.brenda keep in touch please-u know how to call a spade -a spade.

  30. 30 kaikoa


    From another disillusioned MTPM investor… trying to keep a positive attitude.

    I wish I would have found this blog earlier and read more about OTC stocks in as well. I am learning a lot a little to late. Very expensive education… I now know this was a classic “pump and dump” by promoters of this stock. I am thinking this whole company is a one big scam. I am interested in joining your lawsuit if we don’t get any answers or compensation from them.

    I am another new investor that thought I had done my research on this MTPM stock and believed all the hype about this product. I bought a few hundred shares when it was at 1.68, then watched the stock plummet. I did not believe it was going to drop so far. Then I listened to the conference call, received the share split (giving me over 1000 shares) and thought I should hang in there. I also spoke with spoke with Adams. He said that it was “unfortunate about what happened to share prices, but said that the company was in no financial danger and product was still going to be on shelves by year end.” He also said that it was not in danger of being de listed. Then I stupidly bought a $3000 more at .03 and .04 cents a share, thinking I was really getting in on the ground floor before the product hit the shelves and the stock climbed again.

    After watching the stock go down to .02, I called Adams several more times with no response. I then emailed him today with the the subject line, “MTPM fraud?” He finally emailed me back (2x today). He included some new phone numbers in case you need them to contact him.

    Here my emails and his replies (read from the bottom up):


    I will no more on Monday when they get back from China

    Best Regards,

    Robert Adams
    Investor Development Group, Inc.

    713-401-9333 Phone
    713-885-1918 Mobile
    888-573-5024 Fax Email Web

    The information contained in this electronic mail transmission, including
    any accompanying attachments, is intended solely for its authorized
    recipient(s), and may be confidential and/or legally privileged. If you are
    not an intended recipient, or responsible for delivering some or all of this
    transmission to an intended recipient, you have received this transmission
    in error and are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from
    reading, copying, printing, distributing or disclosing any of the
    information contained in it. In that event, please delete the original and
    all copies of this transmission and contact the sender. Unauthorized use of
    information contained herein may subject you to civil and criminal
    prosecution and penalties.

    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Friday, November 16, 2007 3:56 PM
    Subject: RE: MTPM fraud?

    Thanks for the email. What exactly is a “reverse” ? What is going to
    happen to the money of current investors?

    On Friday, November 16, 2007, at 01:42PM, “Robert Adams”
    >We are answering phone calls and emails as fast as we can - as you can
    >imagine we are fielding a bunch of calls and emails. The company is
    >a press release addressing the reverse as soon as that is made available to
    >us- We will post it on the wire.
    >Best Regards,
    >Robert Adams
    >Investor Development Group, Inc.
    >713-401-9333 Phone
    >713-885-1918 Mobile
    >888-573-5024 Fax
    > Email
    > Web
    >The information contained in this electronic mail transmission, including
    >any accompanying attachments, is intended solely for its authorized
    >recipient(s), and may be confidential and/or legally privileged. If you are
    >not an intended recipient, or responsible for delivering some or all of
    >transmission to an intended recipient, you have received this transmission
    >in error and are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from
    >reading, copying, printing, distributing or disclosing any of the
    >information contained in it. In that event, please delete the original and
    >all copies of this transmission and contact the sender. Unauthorized use of
    >information contained herein may subject you to civil and criminal
    >prosecution and penalties.
    >—–Original Message—–
    >Sent: Friday, November 16, 2007 2:39 PM
    >Subject: MTPM fraud?
    >Since I have received no answer from you by phone or email. I will have to
    >assume that your whole operation/corporation is a fraud. I if do not hear
    >back today, I will begin posting my beliefs on my blog and all forums that
    >can reach. I should have been more wary of you and your company. Is this
    >even your real name?

    My brokerage account has not updated yet, so I don’t know how many shares I have left after the “reverse.” But it sounds like it won’t be much. It looks like the stock MTPH has already lost almost half it’s value today already.

    Let me know if you need any more info from me. I will be monitoring this blog.


  31. 31 rick

    i want in on sueing tese people, wow a bunch of frauds, please get back rick

  32. 32 Dierk

    I feel the pain of everyone hear who has anything to do with mitopharm stock. I have lost more on this than anyone so far, at least according to everyone’s comments. I would be interested in finding out what can be done about this. I was sick over it last week, but am dealing with it now and am thankful for the good things in my life. Everyone should go and rent the movie “Boiler Room”. Once I did see this movie about a month ago, I had a sick, sick feeling this was going to happen. I also have recently subcribed to the Peter Leeds website to get educated on how to pick and invest in stocks. I was once again sickend to see that one of his 10 cardinal rules to trading stocks is to never, never, never purchase stocks that are on the “Pink Sheets”. In fact he states that the “Pink Sheets” is what the entire stock market would be like in a post-apocolyptic world. It is the Mad Max of the exchanges!! I think that pretty much sums it up. I very much wish that I could have had this information before giving my hard earned $$ to these scam artists. Oh well liver and learn I feel everyones pain.

  33. 33 Stephen

    This is so sad to see what Mito pharm has done to us. I was about to buy a few more thousands of shares, but thank God I did not, my behind would have been, cooked. (smile) Anyway I’m waiting for my attorney to get back with me. Hopefully I should have something to say before thanksgiving if not it will be right after. I also contacted another law firm that deals primarily with penny stock fraud as well.

    Guys just continue to be thankful for life, health and strength. I beilive God will deal with these scam artist in his time. I look at what has happened to Bangladash, and how these peoples lives were turned upside down by the cyclone, many as we know died. We are still alive and are even though we have loss money.

    Always remember material things can be relpace, but life cannot.

    God bless

  34. 34 Stephen

    Has anyone subscribed to penny sleuth or Energy and Scarcity? I was wondering if they are good. I have a subcription but with these scams out there I’m thinking of canceling all of them.


  35. 35 Vick

    Hello Everyone,

    I too, a MitoPharm Investor,

    I continued keeping my hopes up that this stock will start rising every since the October conference call….I too, contacted Robert Adams many times via email and had not received any replies back from him. When I saw this stock was de-listed it crushed me, especially when I found out that they changed the ticker and did a stock split….????…how can they just do that without formal notice or any filing with the SEC….anyway, I am certainly in for a class action law suit against this company…Any one takes the lead, let us know and how to file it so we can all have the same answers and procedures. Thank you and good luck to all

  36. 36 Joseph

    Hi everyone,

    I am not sure whether this is pertinent, but i did alot of searching around on Robert Adams, the Investor Relations guy for MTPM, and found out that he is posting on a webdevelopers forum. He goes by the name of mogulir. Mr Adams uses the email address You can check here on google:

    The web forum that contains the thread his is posting on is found here:
    and in FULL HERE:

    I think it is disconcerting that he is looking for webdesigners to make him many websites. He already owns 23 website according to his own addmission. Is this like a papertrail he doesnt want anyone to see?? Is it so that he can advertise and promote the shit out of pump and dump stocks? Perhaps this is legitimate, but i dont know why he needs more than a handful if he is legit. Maybe i am wrong. But here are some of the posts he made. For the guy who is talking to his lawyer, point him to these places. HE also by his own admission says he is a stock promoter.

    Author: mogulir
    Posted: 28/Jul/2007 at 07:16:06 I have no idea were to place my bid range - I have used a developer for 23 other sites that I have… We are changing our business model and are requiring two sites like - I need the site to function as this.

    Author: mogulir
    Posted: 28/Jul/2007 at 08:02:28 I would like a bid on just the one for now we need to have a site that allows us to feature clients- thank you - we will talk later about the second site and maybe 6 more sites that would be used as landing pages… - we are stock promoters a couple of sample promotions were running now are and -

    Author: mogulir
    Posted: 28/Jul/2007 at 09:32:06 Clarification - we want to build a site like the agoracom site - so that we may have a feautured client section - we also want to be able to advertise using banners our campaign sites like the bullrun and topstock sites (we have 23 like them) that we currently advertise using pay per clicks…We have a social networking site for investors that is finishd and coming live in the next 90 days. We will advertise this site and the others on the social network site… We are paying to place banners on about 40 sites we would rather advertise our sites and host our own banners

    Author: mogulir
    Posted: 28/Jul/2007 at 09:33:43 I do not have time and would like you to provide set up I will provide content

    Author: mogulir
    Posted: 29/Jul/2007 at 11:00:50 which do you feel is a better site the agoracom site or and would this one be cheaper to build

    Author: mogulir
    Posted: 30/Jul/2007 at 19:21:16 I’m traveling this week - We’ll decide on which one we want to do first and get you going started

    I think this guy is a total Scum sucking scam artist.

  37. 37 Joseph

    Dear MTPM shareholders,

    I did a lot of research on the web about Robert Adams, and found out some disconcerting things. I don’t know if I am way off base, but based upon what I found I think he is a stock promoter, by his own admission, rather then the Investor Relations guy he claims to be. I found him on trying to get bids for someone to build him about 6 websites (when he already owns 23 by his own admission). Websites which use pay per click advertising and heavily promote stocks. WHY does anyone need a total of 30ish sites? Is he trying to create a trail one cannot follow leading up to him? And at the same time have MANY different websites promoting the shit out of pump and dump stocks, getting unsuspecting hardworking individuals like all of us to invest our hard earned money into scams? Maybe I am way off base, but I get the queasy feeling that this guy is total pond scum. I encourage Stephan H to take this info to his attorney.

    And by the way, on Shwab, there is now a new Investment contact (no mention of R. Adams. Again I think of people who are trying to erase any trails)
    Investor Contact
    Timothy Cammel
    6767 West Tropicana Avenue
    Suite 203
    Las Vegas, NV 89103
    Phone 702-682-3330
    Pamela Murdock
    President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Director

    Here are the links that prove he is

    And here are Robert Adams Posts on Joomlancers Forum found here:

    Author: mogulir
    Posted: 28/Jul/2007 at 07:16:06 I have no idea were to place my bid range - I have used a developer for 23 other sites that I have… We are changing our business model and are requiring two sites like - I need the site to function as this.

    Author: mogulir
    Posted: 28/Jul/2007 at 08:02:28 I would like a bid on just the one for now we need to have a site that allows us to feature clients- thank you - we will talk later about the second site and maybe 6 more sites that would be used as landing pages… - we are stock promoters a couple of sample promotions were running now are and -

    Author: mogulir
    Posted: 28/Jul/2007 at 09:32:06 Clarification - we want to build a site like the agoracom site - so that we may have a feautured client section - we also want to be able to advertise using banners our campaign sites like the bullrun and topstock sites (we have 23 like them) that we currently advertise using pay per clicks…We have a social networking site for investors that is finishd and coming live in the next 90 days. We will advertise this site and the others on the social network site… We are paying to place banners on about 40 sites we would rather advertise our sites and host our own banners

    Author: mogulir
    Posted: 28/Jul/2007 at 09:33:43 I do not have time and would like you to provide set up I will provide content

    Author: mogulir
    Posted: 30/Jul/2007 at 01:49:29 I talked with my partner today we may want you to build a total of 4 sites - He is wanting to do a couple with flash - do you have a few sites you’ve done with flash that we could look at…

  38. 38 kaikoa

    Here is a link to a newsletter (advertisement) that originally got me interested in MTPM.

    It features a newsletter from “Beacon Equity Research”

    This “Beacon Equity Research” seems to be one of the stock promotion websites (mentioned in Joseph’s post above) that Robert Adams possibly created.

    Hope this helps…

  39. 39 peggy

    I believe I found the website where radams messaged on. type in synystyrl mitopharm. u will see 3 different posting pages for mitopharm.I had problems finding it ,but recognized the emblem of this page. u now have to be a member, whereas u did not in august. I believe this is where radams stated of in distribution in progress and to be in stores by sept.that was false info.That prompted me to buy more stock. I recognized his email address from the mitopharm web site. if anyone is a member to check out. I am thinking of doing so, just do not like giving my personnal info.I know on the beginning of the conference call-u hear them talking and a statement is made, we can do anything we want. I do not know if they knew the tape was going. I still have conference on my computer.

  40. 40 Babak

    Joseph, good sleuthing! Robert actually commented on the Mitopharm followup post so I know that he’s here reading the blog and all the comments.

  41. 41 Vick

    I just filed a complaint with the SEC.

  42. 42 LEE BROOKS

    Vick , Did the SEC say if they could do anything about it?

  43. 43 Babak

    Vick, keep us up to date on any results.

    Lee, please don’t use ALL CAPS - it is considered yelling - thanks.

  44. 44 peggy

    Vick-How do u file a complaint with the sec?should we all do that?

  45. 45 Babak
  46. 46 Stephen

    Hey guys I got an email from Robert Adams and he said he thinks MitoPharms will do something to satisfy their shareholders. I’m not sure what they will do, but this is their plans. Secondly production will continue as promise.

    However I still have my lawyer working on a case, because if these people think we will roll over and play dead, they have another thing coming.

  47. 47 Damar


    Here’s one tip on how to bypass those “hot tip sheets” , by the phony stock promoters. (Who, by the way, also ruin many a good company, with good ideas, while taking money from the investors…

    Study venture capitalists firms — public and private. See what they are investing in. They’re growing the next generation of productivity. They put real money into real, viable possibilities. And, they can’t afford to be scam artists. And, they can’t afford to be wrong 75% - 95% of the time. (Playing with your money, the promoters don’t need the luxury of success.)

    Also, pick your investment “opportunities” from your own range of experience. If you like a product, find the company’s a good one, with good ideas, buy into that company. When you hear about the “latest-greatest” fad coming down the consumption highway, don’t buy that overhyped, overpriced new gadget. Instead, buy into the company that makes it — or distributes it. Instead of just keeping up with the Jones, you can get ahead of them. Let them buy the toys your investments sell.

    And you know what ? You’ll have a lot more fun investing in stuff you’ve researched and found on your own. — You may even beat the “promoters” to a new find. When they hype the stock up to an outlandish price, you’ll already be there, taking advantage of them, for a change ! Sell out to them and their blind followers, and move on to your own next find.

    And truely understand that NONE of those stock promotion emailers will ever know anything you can’t learn on your own. Most of them are very poor investors. They need your money, having lost much of their own. Use the internet like they do. Research ideas and stuff you are interested in. There’s a startup company out there, somewhere, doing something great with your ideas/interests.

    Sure, you’ll probably pick a looser, now and then. But, you’ll surely beat out the “gimic promoters”. Most of you just aren’t as incompetent as the promoters want you to believe.

    You can do your own research. I do. And, it’s a lot more fun. And a lot more rewarding, monitarilly and emotionally.

    Go ahead, and sue those idiots, over MitoPharm, if you want. They’ve probably set themselves up as untouchable. And, your attorneys will thank you for the fine income you’ve helped them gain, if there is anything to get.

    You’ve discovered just why so many people don’t like the low-cap and micro-cap stocks. There’s a lot of money to make, and a lot more opportunities to loose even more. It’s part of the fun of the chase.

    Good luck to all of you.


  48. 48 Vick

    Sorry Guys,

    Haven’t had the the time to come on and check the blog….anyway.

    Go to
    then under one of the blue tabs “Divisions/Offices” click more.
    then click on Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
    then simply click on “file a complaint”.

    I haven’t yet received any respond from the SEC…I don’t know how long it will take for them to run over it and do their research until they get back to me….But will keep everyone posted.

    Take care,

  49. 49 LEE BROOKS

    hey, has anybody heard back from the sec? stephen did you hear back from your lawyer? and brenda did you go to seattle and find mitopharms office?or does anybody have any new info?


  50. 50 Brenda

    Lee, my trip to Seattle changed and I leave 12/2 Sunday. Monday I’ll have details.

  51. 51 Vick

    Here it is guys. This is what I go so far.

    Dear Investor:

    Thank you for your email and for taking the time to alert us to your

    Please be aware that a company抯 board of directors may declare a
    reverse stock split without shareholder approval. Although the SEC has
    authority over a broad range of corporate activity, state corporate law
    and a company抯 articles of incorporation and by-laws govern reverse
    stock splits. If a company is required to file reports with the SEC, it
    may notify its shareholders of a reverse stock split on Forms 8-K, 10-Q
    and 10-K. MitoPharm, however, is not a reporting company with the SEC.

    We have taken your email as a request for the SEC to investigate the
    comapny. We will carefully consider your request. But at this point,
    our office can do nothing further to help you. This is because the SEC
    conducts its investigations on a confidential basis and neither confirms
    nor denies the existence of an investigation until we bring charges
    against someone involved. We cannot provide you with updates on the status
    of your complaint or of any pending SEC investigation. We know this
    policy can be frustrating, but it protects the integrity and
    effectiveness of our investigative process and preserves the privacy of the
    individuals and entities involved. Our policy is more fully described below.

    Once again, thank you for writing to us.


    Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
    (202) 551-6331

  52. 52 Stephen

    Hey Guys, my lawyer said he is seeking to get more information concerning securities laws. He did say that a company can do a reverse spilt at anytime, however he was not sure if by law they needed to inform their shareholders before doing such.

    What I think we should do is to say with this, keep sending more and more emails to Mitopharm and Robert Adams. Don’t take this lying down, because if we back off, we have allowed these people to get away with our monies. All it takes is for one or more persons to start a revolution. I ‘m all for it. Brenda I’m anxiously waiting for your trip to Seattle.


  53. 53 Stephen

    Hey guys my attorney said to me. That if shareholders who had inside information about the stocks being reversed and created a stock spike. He had that is a criminal offense.
    I’m not to sure about the full meaning of this, however someone may know better.

    He also advised me to file a complaint with “SEC”. I believe if everyone does that, it will cause them to launch an investigation. I truly believe some kind of Fraudulent activty is going on.

    Please guys don’t sit on this.

  54. 54 LEE BROOKS

    stephen i too have made a complaint with the sec. and i think what robert adams did by providing mis information has to be criminal also.

  55. 55 peggy

    Hi everyone. Glad to hear back from some of u. was waiting to see what was said about vicks complaint filed. am filing sec complaint tomorrow. My stock broker said he never seen a stock act like this one. with stocks being diluted with 250% dividends,they sure announced that, then to be reversed and not announce -makes it impossible to get a decent return. for me to break even-stock would have to go to 225.00. I have emailed Robert adams on several occ. He has not responded to my inquires of stock going bad. I know that he has given misleading information, on the basis of his statement on stockwire blog that it would be in the stores by september and that they were in the process of setting up distirbution.I have an email where he states they have interviewed sales persons,but can;t move on till disttribution is set up.,that was in Oct. that is a contradiction of his own words. this stock was manlipuated well. I know his website for changed afew times,At one point , you could not find it listed. I am so Glad that Brenda will be going there to seattle soon. appreciate everyones input and actions.I felt so lost, and did not know what to do.It sure seems fraud is involved in this stock.

  56. 56 Stephen

    Let’s put the heat on them, MitoPharm will have to do something. I’m glad I’m not by myself.

  57. 57 LEE BROOKS

    hey i got the same response from the sec that vick did

  58. 58 peggy

    I wrote a detailed email to mitopharm last night. At this point, I have not heard back. I never got a response from them a few months ago either. On the sec complaint response, is there a chance that they will investigate. I do not understand all this. as I stated I am so new to this investing journey..question-where it says list security on the complaint form, is that mitopharm? is that what I put in there? Robert adams and were the PR for this firm. HE has not responded to my email either,which is a telling sign of intregity. he has not responded to quite a few of mine as he has done with many others. Stephen-is your lawyer still working on this for more info?? looking forward to Brendas visit with seattle and mitopharm. why don’t they answer their phone??

  59. 59 rick

    i called robert three months ago, i told him i thought something was wrong after the 2.5 to one split, the stock was being sold every day at 3;55 right at the end of the day 5.000 share’s minimum, he told me oh the stock is doing what we expected he is the crook behind all of this, he is american that sold us out to the stinking chinese, i have been ripped off by the chinks before j.t. wallenbrach out of california, the sec after 5 years now is glad to tell me that i am getting .08 cents on a $1.00 back, i am in to go after robert adams and i am in to go after mitopharm restorade, the only thing getting restored here is the lining in robert adam’s pocket believe me he probably is going to have a great christmas, this kind of shit will believe me will catch up to that heartless bastard, very pissed off, rick

  60. 60 Robert

    FYI to Mitopharm Investors: I asked some questions of Mitopharm and this is what I received:

    Subject: Re: Products

    Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    1) Do you have any idea what is going on with MTPM stock. Volume was over
    one million shares today - many times the total number of shares. By
    today’s price at 2 cents, I have lost a lot of money investing in your
    company and I cannot understand what is happening?

    2) What is the name of the company in China that is producing your products?
    How will they be marketed? When and where do you expect to have products

    3) One investment website indicated that MTPM was a scam. They claim
    that the owners have hyped the company to get buyers into the stock then
    sold out to take profits. I think better of Dr. Robert Ko and HKUST to
    believe that this is the case, but collapse of the stock price does not
    leave alternative explainations. I could not find any news to drive the
    price down so sharply. Do you have any comments?


    Dear Mr. Robertson,

    1. For the increase in volume and decrease in price, management at
    MitoPharm is very frustrated. We attribute the selling to be from
    unfriendly shareholders with ill intent.

    2. Regarding the comment that MitoPharm is a “scam”, it cannot be
    farther from the truth; MitoPharm is doing the best it can to
    establish itself by introducing innovative products. All founding
    shareholders and all management have only restricted stocks that
    cannot be sold in the market. Be rest assured that management will do
    the best to protect the interests of shareholders.

    3. We are in the process of contracting out part of the manufacturing
    process; that will include some companies in China. The names of the
    contractors will be disclosed at the appropriate time.

    Best regards


  61. 61 Bren

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first time posting here. I am glad to have found you, and am sorry to hear of all the losses. I have also been taken to the cleaners by this so called company, MTPH. Between 10/23 and 10/25, I purchased 19,600 shares of then MTPM for an average of .078 or $1535. It dropped quite quickly to .02, a drop of over 74%. I wasn’t happy to say the least, but sucked it up, knowing the volatility involved in OTC stocks.

    On 11/12, out of the blue, the name was changed to MTPH and I was unable to trade my shares until the conversion of a 1 to 500 reverse split was made in my online account. The price of the stock was .02 at that time, so a 1:500 R/S should have made the value of the stock 10.00 per share after the split.

    On Monday 11/19, the conversion was made and I now had access to 39 shares, worth .25 each or a total of $9.75!

    The parts that really make me mad are the lack of information to share holders that a R/S was coming. I understand that a company does not have to have the approval of shareholders to do a R/S, but it still seems it should be announced before hand. And what gets me the most is that not only did I lose the 74% of my initial investment, but then they were able to just take my last 390.00 from my account by making the pps .25. That’s the part that seems to me like it should be illegal.

    I have filed a complaint with the SEC and received a reply back that they were taking my complaint “very seriously” but that their policy is to neither confirm or deny that an investigation is taking place so that a company does not have notice that an investigation is being done and cannot hide evidence. I know several other people from and google finance have also filed complaints. I would love to see a class action of some sort of suit brought against this company, and would love to be part of it. Their actions go beyond SCAM in my book.

    Thanks for listening,


  62. 62 Babak

    Whenever management blames their stock price on an organized attack by someone, RUN FOR THE HILLS. There are precious few maxims in investing. This one is one of them.

    1. For the increase in volume and decrease in price, management at
    MitoPharm is very frustrated. We attribute the selling to be from
    unfriendly shareholders with ill intent.

  63. 63 Robert


    I appreciate your comment. Does this mean that feel that management DID sell their shares to take profits and in lied? If this is the case, it should be easily proven? If it is proven, is it illigal? It seems like pump and dump schemes should be illigal. Maybe this is something that will be uncovered by and SEC investigation?

    As for “run for the hills”. It is too late - money has been lost. What constructive action can be take?

    If Mitopharm is really frustrated by this situation and did not dump stock, is it possible that they could still develop the products, build a P/E ratio and be successful? Supposively, Hong Kong University invested in Mitopharm - that should be easily proven . Maybe HKUST will comment?

    There are many questions that need to be answered. I think that Robert Adams could help us out here with some answers to improve “investor relations”.

  64. 64 bill

    In the same boat with everyone else. Will stay posted for any possible law suits.

  65. 65 Robert

    Answering some of my own questions is the following definition of “pump and dump scheme” from WSJ:

    A scheme attempting to boost the price of a stock through recommendations based on false, misleading, or greatly exaggerated statements. The perpetrators of this scheme, who already have an established position in the company’s stock, sell their position after the hype has led to a higher share price. This practice is illegal based on securities law and can lead to heavy fines.

    The victims of this scheme will often lose a considerable amount of their investment as the stock often falls back down after the process is complete.

    Traditionally, this type of scheme was done through the cold-calling of individuals but with the advent of the internet this illegal practice has become even more prevalent. Pump and dump schemes usually target micro- and small-cap stocks, as they are the easiest to manipulate. Due to the small float of these types of stocks it does not take a lot of new buyers to push a stock higher.

    Claims being made about how a stock is set to break out based on the next greatest thing or generate returns of hundreds or thousands of percent, should be met with a considerable amount of caution. It is important to always do your own research in a stock before making an investment.

  66. 66 Robert

    Example of prosecution:

    Quebecer fined in pump and dump scheme
    SEC complaint. Regulator says scammers made $23.4 million

    The Gazette

    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    A Quebec man and his u.s. business partner have been hit with penalties for their roles in what the U.S. stock-market regulator has described as a pair of classic pump-and-dump schemes.

    A Securities and Exchange Commission complaint against the men and their associates offers a fascinating glimpse into how scammers use email, websites, voice messages and faxes to earn millions by promoting penny stocks to naive investors.

    Quebecer Bryan Kos agreed to pay almost $650,000 U.S. in fines, repayment of ill-gotten gains and interest as part of a final judgment on the SEC’s civil action entered by a Florida judge in late November. Kos’s u.s. partner, Donald Oehmke, agreed to pay almost $1.5 million U.S.

    In a February 2005 complaint, the SEC accused the pair of earning a total of $23.4 million U.S. by artificially creating demand for shares in two virtually worthless companies. Stock in the companies traded on what is known as the pink sheets, a lightly regulated, over-the-counter market in the U.S.

    The two men earned their profits by selling stock in the companies they were fraudulently promoting to the public, the SEC complaint said.

    Kos was accused of orchestrating multi-faceted promotional campaigns designed to boost the share prices of the companies.

    Kos paid associates to produce analyst reports, press releases, tout sheets and voice-mail scripts containing glowing recommendations for the companies - Concorde America Inc. and Absolute Health and Fitness Inc., the SEC alleged.

    This material included outlandish projections for revenue and profit growth and share-price gains. It was disseminated by email, fax or voice-mail spam and on websites controlled by Kos, the SEC alleged. In fact, the SEC said neither Concorde nor Absolute Health had business operations.

    Virtually every major fact in one widely disseminated press release promoting Concorde was a lie, the SEC complaint stated.

    In the case of Concorde, “investors responded to the unauthorized press releases, tout sheets, faxes and email spams and voice-mail advertising campaign. In just one week in early August 2004, Concorde’s stock price rose from $3.70 to $8.90.”

    Meanwhile, between late July and mid-August 2004, Oehmke and Kos sold 10 million Concorde shares held in a series of offshore companies to the public. Oehmke reaped profits of $7.5 million U.S. while Kos received about $1.5 million U.S., according to the SEC.

    From early June to December 2004, Absolute Health’s heavily promoted stock rose from 55 cents to more than $5. Oehmke and Kos sold their stock in the company during the “fraudulent touting,” reaping about $14.4 million U.S. in illegal profits, the complaint states.

    Besides the fines, the judgment permanently bars Kos and Oehmke from participating in a penny-stock offering and from participating in an unregistered offering of securities.

    The SEC complaint states that Kos is a resident of Montreal, but other public documents in Quebec indicate he has lived in St. Sauveur.

    His lawyer in Florida, William Nortman, said he didn’t know where Kos is currently residing. Nortman noted Kos had not admitted or denied the allegations in the complaint.

    © The Gazette (Montreal) 2007

  67. 67 Robert

    Big question: it appears that Mitopharm participated in the “pump”, but did they participate in the “dump” - Their management says no. If they did, it is illegal and we have a case - Something for the SEC to determine?

    Otherwise, is it possible, as Mitopharm suggested, that person(s) on the outside of the company took advantage of the situation and bought in big to enhance the pump and sold out big to dump?

    If the latter is the true, will/can the company still produce products and recover?

  68. 68 Bren

    My big question is this: How can a company do a 1:500 R/S when pps is .02 and then make the final pps after the split .25? That is what seems illegal to me. To take my MTPH balance from roughly 390.00 at the time of the spit, to 9.75 after the split, with no trading to take the price down, seems like robbery to me. It felt like the company just went into my account and took that 390.00. As though a 74% loss prior to the split wasn’t enough? Arghh.


  69. 69 Mike

    I just googled the address listed on, 601 Union St Ste 4500 Seattle,WA.

    Otto Law group ( has the same address… ?!?

  70. 70 Mike

    The Union street address in on the investor relations page… there is also another address listed for corporate headquarters:
    4216 NE 70th St
    Seattle, Washington

    This is a residence in the View Ridge neighborhood!!!

  71. 71 Brenda

    I am sad to say MTPM is no where to be found. Monday I went to 601 Union St., Seattle also known as Union Square. Beautiful place - more than 100 offices that looked similar in design to the Weston Hotel interior (expensive retail shops on the 1st floor). No where did Robert Adams, Peter Cheung(CEO of MTPM), MTPM or the Investment firm show up on the suite board or in the computer of Security / Building Management. I was told by several security personal they have not heard of these people. Seems as though MTPM never used this address or their under another name.

    Here is a concern for all of us. In order to take MTPM as a tax right off this year we need to sell the stock. I don’t believe anyone has enough stock to even pay our stock fees. If people start to dump in ‘07 what will the stock go to on 1/2/08?

    Also, I spoke with Adams 11/20 and he said, he posted info. on this blog to explain MTPM position - did I miss this? Also, he shared Peter Chung will be providing news? My trade accounts don’t show news. I did find a news station that last provided details on MTPM. Maybe, they would investigate this for us. This is a great story for the media.

    I don’t think we have any other options at this point. MTPM needs to come out of hiding or we as good, honest, citizens of the US need to take action.

  72. 72 Damar

    Dear People:

    I have been keeping up wiyh your dilema, and share your anxt, from my own past, similar experiences.

    Unfortunately, I believe, the more you leaarn (or fail to learn) about MitoPharm, the more you will only succeed in proving to yourselves just how correct you are.

    I do have a suggestion. Contact Stock Gumshoe (, and give them a look at your postings. They might be very good at getting the word out about Robert Allen, and MitoPharm. Of course, when dealing in the virtual reality of the electronic age, one’s name is irrelevant, and can be changed at a moment’s whim. So, how you gonna keep chasing him ???

    I still doubt there is anyone or any way to gain back your monies.

    Unfortunately, circumstances such as this are somewhat too common, when you gamble in micro-caps. And, please understand it is gambling.

    We all hope to find the next Google in our penny portfolio. Most often by far, you buy into companies that will lanquish just as and where they are for years, and may never grow into a major contributor to your portfolio, or to the overall economy. And, quite often, as you have learned by your uncomfortable situation, there are more MitoPharms out there than there are Googles.

    One more suggestion…

    NEVER invest in any small cap “hot opportunity” that is in any way related to the oil industry, with offices in Houston, Texas. I still have some pretty wall paper, from back when it was easier and less expensive to actually take delivery on stock certificates. (There are some people who collect such dead paper, for its “artistic?” value.

    Also important… You can take the write-off, without selling the worthless shares. You do have to wait, I believe, until the company actually dies, but you’ll have to confirm that with a knowledgeable accountant, who is up to date on the tax code. (Code changes too often for this weary soul to waste time keeping up with such details.)

    Wish I could be more helpful to you in your stress, but from to time, we must take our hits, learn from the experience, and gert on with more productive living. It seems this is becoming something of an obsession for some of you. Maybe, time to step back, take a deep breath, and reconsider your alternatives.

    Don’t let this ruin your year, your holiday season, and most important, your lives.

    I know you hate to hear comments like I’ve posted. Feels like you’ve been raped, and the perpetrators are free to go out, and rape again. And, that’s probably correct.

    As inadequate as it seems,

    Be Of Good Cheer.


  73. 73 Damar

    Ooops ! Correction:

    Of course, you already knew I meant Robert Adams, nix. “Allen”.


  74. 74 peggy

    thank u for your time in checking out what I thought would be when I checked out their address on web.
    Damar,thank u for your caring and imput.
    I cannot believe that Robert Adams or, Dr peter chuan, hkust,Dr robert Ko, all these people involved cannot be held accountable. U mean u can just steal millions from people with a stock scam and literally get away with it???????
    there has to be a way of shorting these people,giving out false public information-phoney addresses.
    So far mitopharm has not addressed or anounced anything since the statements that it was be processed in china.
    A class action suite against these people seems appropiate. media involvement in the false information and shorting of stock which seems obvious.
    as i stated on my post on followup- first they dilute the stock bought 250%. put it on a average level.spike then short.then taking the last few drops of blood , they then do reverse split.Who else could have worked it so well? a reply here stated that on nov 13th unusual large volume-trade.the 14th-my stock with scottrade was not available for access.So far, I have not had a reply from mtph, not Robert Adams.On one email when I questioned him, He sent me info on Dixie lee-like I would invest in anything more he would suggest.
    stunned that in a matter of a few months, my 3,601 could go to a few dollars, with not ability to regain investment.
    can we claim it on our tax next year , the loss?
    those of u who had answer from mito, did u email or write a letter?

  75. 75 Vince

    I guess I have to add my name to the list of suckers. And I thought I was somewhat of a savy investor. Just got Frivolous, I guess. As savy as I think I am, I don’t understand how this happened. That is, how did I end up with so few shares. After the splits, I thought I had a bucket full of shares. I also thought I bought the stock at 2.00 a share, not 200.00 per share. Checked my records and I was correct. Could some one explain this to me.

    I hate to have this someone have to dredge up all this again. I know how painful it is, but I would appreciate it. Thanks

  76. 76 Annette

    Looks like you can count me as a MitoPharm sucker also. Fortunately I got scared and sold most of it at a loss when it was sinking. Still retained enough for a turnaround which never happened and probably never will. I now have to get $275.00 per share. RIGHT. Lesson learned for me too.

  77. 77 Vick

    No more concerns anyone…..dont stop…let’s continue filing the complaints to the SEC….were getting quiet…not good! Have you guys noticed they changed the ticker symbol back to its original?

  78. 78 Babak

    Herb Greenberg got back to me to say this is “too small” for him to cover.

  79. 79 Mr. Penny

    MitoPharm - Ouchh! I follow a lot of penny stocks and especially ones on the pink sheets. These “Pumpers & Dumpers” are all over the pinks! I have one penny stock I recommend on my blog and I realize the implications of saying good things about a penny stock.

    I have posted my pink sheet warnings on my blog to make people aware of the dangers of playing with penny stocks. There are some good solid companies in the pink sheets and when you start playing with stocks that are under a penny, it does become a gamble. If my guy feeling is not right and the financials are fishy, I move on to another penny stock. Hey, you will lose some and win some. My view is keep the gains big and losses small.

    I am trying to give a healthy cautious perspective of the penny stocks at Penny Stocks & Pink Sheets Blog

    We can not deny there is money to be made in the pinks, we just have to keep each other aware of the under-handed lies and scams, if we can. That is a big “IF”!

    Have a good one,

    Mr. Penny

    “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” ~ Japanese Proverb

  80. 80 Brenda

    Everyone I am sorry - did more research and I left out that MitoPharm has also been known as HerbalPharm, Inc. See headlines below. Everything I have read indicates these are pump and dump companies. Starting as early as 2000. Always offering stock for sale and never having assets. These guys are quick and busy.

    HerbalPharm, Inc. Completes Merger.
    Publication: Business Wire
    Date: Friday, December 22 2006
    You are viewing page 1

    SEATTLE — HerbalPharm, Inc. (Pink Sheets:HBPM) a Florida biotechnology company (”HPF”), today announced the closing of its merger with HerbalPharm, Inc., a Washington company (”HPW”), in exchange for 20,713,000 restricted shares of HBPM.

    The Company’s key products, Restorade[TM] and Stamina Solutions[TM],

    Posted on:
    Monday, March 12, 2007 03:03 AM
    SEATTLE — HerbalPharm Holdings, Inc., a Florida biotechnology company, f/k/a HerbalPharm, Inc., today announced its name change to MitoPharm Corporation (“MitoPharm” or the “Company”). The Company’s new trading symbol is (OTC: MTPM).

  81. 81 Damar

    Just A Bit More FYI:

    I have been watching seventy of those well-promoted “teaser” stocks offered / suggested by the stock promoters, for the past six to eight months. You wanto to know the quess-what truth about them ? I think you should know, every one of them has dropped from dollars to dimes in value. The exceptions are those which I started watching when they were less than a dollar. Those have dropped to tenths, hundredths, or thousandths of a cent. Of the seventy in my “no-buy-watch-only” portfolio, only three are up ever so very slightly — but, not enough to cover cost to buy/sell fees by the brokers, unless you are using the $4.50 per trade on-line services.

    Notice, these are the “hot tips” promotions these thieves offer you, to prove they know their stuff, and sell you their garbage news letters. If their tearsers aren’t worth a damn, what makes you think their news letters are any better ? There is only one way to beat these thieves, and that is to never follow one of their suggestions. The stocks may jump a bit, durring the “pump” phase, if only beacause their sucker list is large enough to move the volumes up. As I stated in an earlier post, if you are really interested in the company being promoted — buy after the huge drop in value that will occur. If the stock is a good deal at $4.00, just think of how many more shares you can buy at 40 cents, in just a few weeks to a month or so. And, if it’s a dying company going to 4 cents or .0004 cents, well, you still loose.

    First, stop believing them. Do your own research. Find your own companies, doing things you are interested in.

    Second, buy penny stocks from an on-line broker with fees of just a few dollars, never paying full-service fees.

    Third, tell every one you know to ignore the hypes. (They don’t just do this with penny stocks, you know. They have ruined many a viable company with this scam.

    Fourth, there is no point in trying to chase them down after they have screwed you — unless, of course, you intend to kill them. Hmmmm. Now, there’s an idea. Oh, never mind… Just a silly girlish thought !

    Have a happy season, and a successful next year. And, don’t ever buy from an emailer’s suggestion again. The numbers and facts prove you will not win. If you insist on throwing your money away, please send me some of it. I won’t give you anything for it, but at least I’ll use it for good purpose. Apparentl;y, that’s a better value than you will ever be offered by the shyster promoters.

    “Been there with you !”


  82. 82 Ron

    this is my first year trading. i have learned so much this year but mtph has tought me alot. first. most pink sheet stocks get as much gain as possable. then get out. when i could have made 1,000. dollars off a 100. stock sould have sold. now that i have more time doing this i have made a little. lost about 4,000 dollars this year. but i have a stock a week ago that was bought at 32.00 and went up sold 14,000 shares and made 200.00. now that same stock still have 2000. shares will sell out at another 100.00 to try to make up some loss.will pull money out of 401 and put it in to saving’s. 6 persent at this one bank. would make more this next year like this. 10000.00 could turn in to retirement in 5 year’s check the math. you will see. thank’s .all off you’re input is greatlee help full. have learned alot this year. thank’s to all of you . ps don’t sell you’re share’s yet. i have seen company’s use you’re shares and then give them back in a year. some time it is worth the wait. see you

  83. 83 LEE BROOKS

    hey stephen,have you found out anymore info from your lawyer?

  84. 84 Joseph

    Dear MTPM Shareholders. Can you BELIEVE this guy Robert Adams?!?! Does this guy have NO SHAME?!?

    Here is an email i recieved from him today in my SPAM folder. I researched the net and found out the Website is owned by him ( Registrant:Mogul IR Group).

    Probably one of those 23 websites he mentioned he owns to the web developers while simulataneously asking them to create ANOTHER 6 websites for himself. I mention this all in my post on November 20th. This guy is TREACHEROUS as far as i am concerned. Here is his game down below in the form of the email i recieved from him.

    Subject: So everyone seems to like Dixie Lee!
    From: Editor []

    So everyone seems to like Dixie Lee! (DLII) What an incredible December we had. Needless to say, it was crazy.

    As you remember in my original email about Dixie Lee (DLII), I stressed to everyone this was going to be a good one.

    Well guess what? I was right; we were up nearly 200%.

    If some of you missed the action this past December, the stock traded almost $5,000,000 dollars and was as high as $1.80. It was quite a month for the value of everyone’s portfolio.

    As 2008 starts it looks as if the stock is holding up exactly like I thought it would and now with the holidays are over traders will be back in full force and DLII should start to rally this week. $1.00 is a nice accumulation point for the stock and gives everyone a low entry point.

    I believe we are currently dealing with a very strong shareholder base that believes Dixie Lee can grow to 200 restaurants. So this healthy retracement is exactly what we want to see in a stock like Dixie Lee (DLII).

    Next week, we might see the stock confirm these current prices as a good foundation for the stock to begin the next move higher.

    I do believe that the company will have a huge 2008 and that the stock will break past the $2 mark and stay there.

    The month of January should be really interesting to see how the stock plays out.
    All of us here are wishing you a prosperous 2008.

    To unsubscribe from this mailing list, please click the URL below:

  85. 85 LEE BROOKS

    hey brenda,stephen,anything new ?

  86. 86 LEE BROOKS

    has everybody given up?

  87. 87 amber

    I’m a relatively inexperienced investor and I also lost money on this stock; this blog opened my eyes. I know relatively nothing about the market, but I’m young and I could afford to play a little and their product sounded promising… long story short, I’m going to begin emailing them as well. If there’s another action I could take to help this investigation happen, I would be very happy to hear about it.
    Thank you for making me realize this wasn’t just ‘bad luck’.

  88. 88 Bren

    Hi Amber,

    So sorry to hear of your loss. Many here filed complaints with the SEC, so that is something you could do as well. All the best to you and GL in your future trading.


  89. 89 Brenda

    Lee, I have not commented on MitoPharm since there is information suggesting this is Robert Adams blog. I am also concerned the comments we leave here give Robert Adams an edge up on what we intend to do.

  90. 90 Babak

    Brenda, That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in my comments section so far (congratulations!)
    this is not Robert Adams blog. Why would he expose and warn people about MTPM when he was working for them? sheeesh :rolleyes:

  91. 91 Tyler

    So I am a soldier In Iraq and I bought this stock way back in the summer, I was watching it closely until I got deployed in Oct. Just about 2 weeks ago I logged onto my account for the first time and I saw the split and was like wow…this sucks. But I am just looking for answers thats how I found this forum. If anyone finds anything please keep this updated. Thanks.

  92. 92 Robert


    Does anyone have any kind of news about Mitopharm? I’m not sure why they are still listed as a stock and have no news or contacts? It looks like it was a simply a pump and dump and sceme and they are gone with our money. The conference call about coming out with products was a real joke on the investors. They probably could hardly keep from laughing out loud as they gave us their pie in the sky made-up-story. I have files my complaint with the SEC as I’m sure many of you have, but unfortunately Dr. Ko or whatever his real name is is no doubt in China and out of the reach of the SEC. (or he may have been invented by Robert Adams?)

    All I can say is that I got burnt bad on this deal and no more “pink sheets” for me. Please let me know if you have any more information on the Mitopharm crooks.

    Thanks, Robert (no not Robert Adams)

  93. 93 Bren

    Hey Robert,

    I just finished a reply and it disappeared on my, so I hope it doesn’t reappear and show as a duplicate. I wanted to say I am sorry to hear of your loss on MTPH. I am one of the folks her who filed a complint with the SEC and was told they were taking my complaint “very seriously” but would not be able to keep me infordmed of the investigation, unless it turned out that there owuld be some finding against MTPH or restitution for shareholders.

    I can’t blame you for swearing of pink sheet scams. I am sure you are not alone. I recently was made aware of this video on Naked Shorting which made me even more determined to try to protect myself and my investments. It’s worth a look, though it is 25 minutes long.

    All the best to you in your future trading.


  94. 94 Robert

    Thanks Bren, Hopefully, we can be positioned for the next bull market and start making up for Mitopharm losses. My biggest mistake was to believe that no one would dare do anything illegal with SEC oversight. Obviously, this was an illegal pump and dump fraud that should be prosecuted. We’ll see if anything happens to restore our faith in the SEC?

    Best to you in your future investments as well - this too will pass, Bob

  95. 95 Marshall Smith

    PRPL: The Horn River Basin area has been identified as being larger than the Barnett shales of Texas as reserves have been estimated as high as 50 trillion cubic feet of natural gas by Wood Mackenzie in a recent report.

  96. 96 peggy

    Hi everyone
    Good news, has anyone seen the article from government press release., seen it on scottrade under mpth.

    the sec has found they are guilty of fraudelant pumping and dumping a non existant product.Several people have been charged. A houston based P and R firm. Did not see Robert Adams name.
    I so hope that there is a chance that we may get some of our money back. I did not sell my shares. lost 3600 dollars. Been holding on to see what would become of this. I am new to stocks and do not know how to file a complaint. Is that necessary to be able to get your money back. I would imagine a list of investors would be found somewhere. A sec lawyer David Otto, dumped and acquired a million dollars. major fines. If there is a law suite of some kind being filed. I would like to email address is mtph was my first investment, and what a painful experience.
    for those of u who can access mtph’s stock on your brokers web. U can read the names of the people who have been charged so far.
    IF anyone knows any thing about how we can possibly help one another in getting some of our money back ,please email me.

  97. 97 Babak

    Peggy, I wrote about the SEC lawsuit here.

  98. 98 Brenda

    Peggy, saw your post. This is outstanding. I assumed too that nothing would come of it since our government has alot of this going on and has done little about it. There will end up being a class action suite. I am sure one is being filed now. The key is we get our names in. Since the hub of this is in TX that is where the case will be heard. I’ll check into this to and share. I’ll also email you direct. Thanks so much for posting this. Brenda

  99. 99 peggy

    everyone go to the page that Babak has here on mtph. He has it in red above on july 17th. very informative. should we do further posting there or come back to this page? would be nice to keep latest postings together.

  100. 100 james

    way to go charles

  101. 101 lee

    I was very surprised and excited to hear that the sec had done something. I had lost hope. Hopefully justice will be served .

  102. 102 peggy

    does anyone know of a class action suite, or any legal action being taken at this time?Brenda, have u been able to find anything out??PLease help if u can. I am not sure what I should be doing , if anything.

  103. 103 Alpinebob

    Any efforts to get a class action lawsuit going?? Any news on the SEC case? We need to get our money back from these scammers and they have the money - 1.3 million.

  104. 104 lee

    alpine i have been wondering the same thing, has anybody heard ant news?

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