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Would You Buy This Stock ? at Trader’s Narrative

Would You Buy This Stock ?

Simple question: would you buy this stock?

Nevermind the symbol or the date. Just look at the chart and decide if you would go long or short or stand aside. If you do take a position, then tell me your target. I’ll give the symbol in the comments section later.


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11 Responses to “Would You Buy This Stock ?”  

  1. 1 Eyal

    Nice exercise. I wouldn’t go short, maybe long above 7 with stop below 5ish, kind of large risk at $2 for a $6 stcok. I don’t usually have targets, might trail it with something like an MA, maybe a 50day MA.

  2. 2 Michael

    Gun to head, I’d be short with a stop at the old high. No gun to head, I’m on the sidelines.

  3. 3 Idempotent

    I’ll short it below 6 and try to hit 5. The trend from July to Jan would place it still below 5, and it’s been making higher highs on lower volume for over a month. If the trade doesn’t seem to be working out, I’d tell CNBC that I heard company XXX has bird flu. If that doesn’t work, I’d get out at 6.50.

    These candles are so wide, there’s not a lot of reward for all the risk, though.

  4. 4 Yunis

    I would wait - do nothing now.

  5. 5 chad

    go long with a stop at the trendline.

  6. 6 Idempotent

    I thought I responded to this earlier, but I don’t see my post… hmmm…. I’ll use this as an excuse to change my answer. :-)

    There candles are too wide for any technical-based stop to privide the a decent risk-reward. That is, I’d like to short it with a target of 5 (still above the trend from Jul to Jan). But, to try to get 1 pt when the only available stop is up about 1pt isn’t safe enough. If I had daily candles available, maybe I could choose a stop that would make sense and make the trade viable to me.

    Not knowing anything about the stock, I’d say that it appears to be rising too fast lately for me to go long. The drop in the last week looks to steep (and under too much volume) to be called an orderly pullback, so I wouldn’t be expecting it to go back to its previous uptrend.

  7. 7 pradeep

    Go long. Stock up 300% plus in a year, high probability of making another 300% plus move. Target 20.

  8. 8 Mousefinger

    I would go long if it broke above the previous HIGH by .15. If it failed that, I would stand aside and wait for the upside trend to resume.

  9. 9 Babak

    Idempotent & others: Thanks for your comments - I’ve saved them from an overzealous SpamKarma.

    Remember, if you take a position, you got to have a target (and obviously a stop loss)

  10. 10 Eyal

    so, which stock is it?.. :)

  11. 11 Babak

    It is revealed !

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