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WSJ: 14 Year Old Investment Fund Manager at Trader’s Narrative

WSJ: 14 Year Old Investment Fund Manager

14 year old investment manager brandon conley.pngCheck out this Wall Street Journal article on Brandon Conley, a 14 year old investment fund manager. Sure, he’s only running $5000 but the kid has style. Check out the threads.

Brandon got the idea to start the fund in November when he took a financial-literacy course. As part of the program, he and other students had to develop their own business plans. One student wanted to open a skateboard shop. Brandon, who became interested in markets with a virtual-reality game called Neopets and was setting up mock stock portfolios by the age of 12, wanted to start his own investment fund. “It blew me away,” says Jay Ellis, a regional manager of Washington Mutual in Manhattan and the course instructor.

In six months, Brandon says he has increased the value of his fund — which consists of money he earned fixing neighbors’ computers and contributions from his uncles — by some 30%, to about $5,000.

But the kid “idolizes” Cramer. So he’s still got a lot to learn. A lot.

But then again, he’s only 14. How many of you wish you had hit the Street running at that age? I know I do.

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8 Responses to “WSJ: 14 Year Old Investment Fund Manager”  

  1. 1 MrGPT

    Special kid.
    Not sure why he is wearing his suit in his room though … o.O

  2. 2 reno

    Interesting post :) It seems that in the startup world most of the great ideas and innovative companies that are being founded are by 20 something year olds.

    Why not in the financial world as well? Why aren’t there more 20 somethings creating hedge funds and overthrowing the old economy fundies? Does experience play more of a role than creativity in managing money whereas creativity despite lack of experience can be more easily overcome in the world of business?

  3. 3 Bubs

    Nice post and thanks for the golf tip. I will try adjusting the thumb this week and see what happens. Also I have moved my blog to later

  4. 4 brandon conley

    hi i am brandon conley

  5. 5 Babak

    Hi Brandon, nice of you to drop by. How’s the portfolio managing the rough waters?

  6. 6 MCLA

    I wonder what value Warren Buffet adds to Berkshire stockholders?


  7. 7 Anika

    He goes to my school hes incredible

  8. 8 Tomo

    This kid got cleaned out!

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