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Yahoo - YHOO at Trader’s Narrative

Yahoo - YHOO

It’s all about expectations. Yahoo reported their sales increased 26% but their adjusted earnings per share lagged what Wall Street was expecting.

Here is the carnage that followed:

YHOO afterhours.png

Price sliced through all sorts of support, only hesitating at the May and June swing lows (green circles). Those were great places to enter in the direction of the impulse move.

Since things were flying fast and furious, it was smart and necessary to zoom into a short-term time interval. A 15 minute chart would have given a low risk entry but it doesn’t do so reliably under such extraordinary market conditions.

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3 Responses to “Yahoo - YHOO”  

  1. 1 Michael

    I don’t know if any entry is low risk in the after-hours session ahead of the conference call. Talk about a dangerous time. Obviously those entries would have worked well, but man, you’d better be quick with those limit orders.

  2. 2 rb

    Which chart software / service lets you graph stock prices pre market or post market (like the yhoo AH chart you have shown) ?


  3. 3 Babak

    rb: Qcharts

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