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Zooomr: Unlimited & Free Online Photo Storage at Trader’s Narrative

I’ve been using Zooomr to store and share my digital photos for a while now (the pics I shared with you from the b5 media get together with Darren Rowse in Toronto were from my Zooomr account). But I wanted to write about it since it ocurred to me that a lot of people still don’t know that there is a great alternative to flickr. With Zooomr, you get unlimited picture storage (yes, infinity plus one) for the best price ($0.00) in the world. And they have all the usual features like tagging, geotagging, commenting, public/private settings, etc.

The company is still young and under the obligatory Web 2.0 “beta” stage. So if you’re looking for something that works flawlessly this isn’t for you. But if you want a fast and free way to store pictures and other digital images then take a look at Zooomr. If you have a blog it is a great way to take some strain off your server by having Zooomr handle your images/charts.

I like rooting for the underdog. Especially when he happens to be a hard working young guy who is going up against well entrenched competitors (flickr/Yahoo) and forcing them to play catch-up.

Here’s Kristopher, the creator of Zooomr, talking a bit about the delayed rollout of Mark III, the new edition of Zooomr which will feature a vast improvement with massive amounts of new features:

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4 Responses to “Zooomr: Unlimited & Free Online Photo Storage”  

  1. 1 Tom

    Speaking about “photo storage and geotagging”: do you know locr?

    locr offers the ideal solution and makes geotagging exceptionally easy. locr uses GoogleMaps with detailed maps and high-resolution satellite images. To geotag your photos just enter address, let locr search, fine-tune the marker, accept position, and done! If you don’t know the exact address simply use drag&drop to set the position.

    For automatic geotagging you need a datalog GPS receiver in additon to your digital camera. The GPS receiver data and the digital camera data is then automatically linked together by the locr software. All information will be written into the EXIF header.

    Use the “Show in Google Earth” button to view your photos in Google Earth.

    With locr you can upload photos with GPS information in them without any further settings. In the standard view, locr shows the photo itself, plus the place it was taken. If you want to know more about the place where the photo was taken, just have at look at the Wikipedia articles which are also automatically assigned to the picture.

    Have a look at

  2. 2 Babak

    thanks Tom, I didn’t know about locr. so their software links together your photo & the data from your gps? I’ve never used the geotagging in zooomr so this isn’t a big deal for me but maybe others would find it interesting.

  3. 3 Randy Bryan

    Great article! Thanks for submitting it to my blog carnival.

    I wonder how long it will stay free! Good find!


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